Monday, November 4, 2019


Drawing, bordered with some old mat board to give me an idea of how to format painting.

First thin w/w wash of quin. sienna.

More w/w washes, some dry brush with softening. Colours I used are my favourite animal colours - quin. burnt orange, quin. sienna, quin. violet and indanthrone - all Daniel Smith.

Just gradually building up layers of depth ...

Collar is a combination of phthalo. and cobalt blue. 

Archie is done, looking very adorable as do all dachshunds.

I am pleased with the painting but not with the circumstances surrounding it. I was commissioned to paint both the client's dogs in time for  them to be given to his wife-to-be as wedding gifts. Before I started, I made sure he knew the price, with and without framing, for both paintings. And I asked him several times before I started the painting whether he was SURE. Yes ... yes ...  I finished it, and asked if he would like it framed, and he asked the price. He felt framing was too expensive, and were there any alternatives. I explained prices for matting and/or putting in protective sleeve. And that was the last I heard from him! I am quite miffed, and consider his behaviour to be unprincipled, especially as he was one of the professionals working with me after my surgery. I would really like to be able to trust a client, but I think, in future, I must ask for a deposit before I start even a drawing. What are your thoughts on the matter?

Thank you for dropping by!