Thursday, July 12, 2018


quick sketch of a wall in the barn

more barn utensils

some quickie outlines for a background idea I did not use

One of my good neighbours loves sketching and art. I was over at her place, the two of us in her garden, absolutely lost in the moment of creating.

more garden sketches

Bruno's hind end - trying to get more accuracy and life to a  painting I'm doing for a friend. His horse is sadly long gone, so all I have are photos, and they really do not give me the information I need, so Bruno is the substitute model.

Lots of horse bums, and a distant tree done when he was moving too much to get a decent sketch. 

curly-leafed willow that lives in the pond

more finished drawing that I was going to use to do some dogwood 

more bums

another willow - I'd love to find a way to get that scintillating appearance of leaves in sunlight - I think it involves spattering

a somewhat gnarly-looking birch study for the painting class

I try to get an hour's sketching a day. I generally find it more relaxing than painting. Working with Bruno is interesting - I let him loose on the back lawn, and sit down on the grass nearby [hoping he doesn't seriously spook and forget I am there and run over me!] Maggie usually comes over to sit with me, keeping a sharp eye on Bruno - she has a healthy respect for his size.

Finally ... finally ... I think my attitude toward painting is taking a good turn. I have tried for years to paint what people want, and have become thoroughly disillusioned with the commercial end of art.  I am happiest and create my best work when I paint what I want. So I will be doing commissions for friends, doing other works experimenting with techniques, colour, format, etc.  And I will continue teaching and drawing.

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  1. So lovely to see all your sketches! I am happy your attitude towards painting is changing for the better, it sounds good! And sitting in that field sketching sounds like absolute bliss!

  2. Love looking at sketch books. I seldom sketch and find the material people choose to sketch, fascinating.

    I gave up being a professional jobbing artist because I never ever got to paint/draw what I wanted to. It's OK selling your originals for thousands - if your famous, but in the real world most of us live off commissions.

  3. Sketching is such a great practice that I realize I should be doing...I have good intentions...I bought a sketch pad a few years back!!!! Lol. These are all wonderful...my favorites are of Bruno!!! You work beautifully with horses and hope to see more paintings in the future of them.

  4. very handy having Bruno to sketch from :)

    its great seeing other people's sketches and how they work :)