Sunday, October 10, 2010

Canadian Thanksgiving

    It's a gorgeous, sunny day. The temperature is in the high teens. [centigrade]  It honestly couldn't be better!! I think the earlier Thanksgiving date makes much more sense than celebrating it in November, when it's cold and dark, and much too close to Christmas. [which is my least favorite time of year]
    I spent the morning doing some decent painting  ... for a change.  And this afternoon, I've been out with the lad, having a great ride. I am still keeping our sessions short, as his hind leg still swells a bit, and the bone bruise is large. I'm also cold hosing after a ride. Rode him quite loosely today as well, all off my legs, and let his head pretty much go where it wanted as far as length of neck. I did it this way because yesterday I rode him more "put together" on the hands and legs. He was just fine with that today.
    I was also irresistably drawn to the garden early this afternoon. The flowers are still blooming, so I got my camera to collect some reference photos for painting this winter.
    Driving to work on Friday, I heard that a horrific winter is predicted for Vancouver ... the worst since 1955!!! My stomach was in knots all day thinking about it! I HATE winter: the cold, the dark, the snow. I will not drive in it. I've had two accidents driving in the snow, and now I completely balk when it comes to getting around in it. My version of Hell is not fire and brimstone; it's ice and snow and cold and dark.
    Enough about that! It's sunny and warm. Let me show you some of the photos I took today.

Roses are in bloom

Note the honeybee on the aster