Saturday, June 25, 2011

... and Now for Something Completely Different ... Lenny

Loose blurps of aureolin and phthlalo blue

More blue, and some quin. siena

More of the earlier colors, plus some new gamboge
This is when I decided he needed a name.  

I think he looks so cute, in a lobster-ish sort of way!
11 x 9 in. / 28 x 23 cm.

   I really needed something very bright and different  to work on while I was finishing Carmella. I have NO idea why I decided on lobsters, but they are quite alien-looking [yes, I am a devoted science fiction fan] So I did a bit of research on the computer, found some good photos, and did a sketch. This particular lobster is an American yellow lobster - VERY rare, one in thirty million. 
   I have two more on the board to paint, and can hardly wait to let the paint fly! It feels great to get away form my usual controlled style of painting. I hope you like Lenny as much as I do. Let me know what you think!