Wednesday, November 13, 2013

It's SUNNY, So I Could Get Some Decent Photos ... or ... Yes, Same Old

It is gloriously sunny, so I was able to get good photos, showing the colors much more as they are.
This is Cindy. She was my horse vet's Mexican-rescue dog. Sadly, she developed myasthenia gravis [neurological disorder] and had to be euthanized early this week. Mario is devastated - he is such a sweet, kind soul. When I spoke with his wife, she told me he was desperately looking for photos of Cindy. I have a few on my computer I will give him, and I did this yesterday to give Mario as well, though his wife said he will probably cry. It really is so hard when one of our animal friends passes on.

These are the two portraits I did of Cindy a few years ago. Mario and Juanita have this one hanging in their bedroom.

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