Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's Growing on Me

I've spent some time this morning, playing with this, and I must admit I am liking it - or maybe I just like playing with the colors like a jigsaw puzzle.
It wasn't raining when I started, and I thought I could do some painting, and then have some play time with Bruno. But it's really coming down, so I'll probably just take him for a walk. And definitely visit the hardware store to pick up some electric fencing. His Imperial Nooginess has seen fit to start chewing on the fences with a vengeance. He hadn't been bad until this last winter, when he decided to take up professional wood-chewing. ACK!! So I'll have to re-do the topline of the fence to discourage him.

The culprit yesterday, in the glorious sunshine. He loved being without a blanket, and had a good roll  on the ground. Life is GOOD!

I also took some photos of this old house, not far from where I live. I find it fascinating; it's so wonderfully decrepit. People still live on the property, if not in the house itself, though I do see lights inside at night. I think it would make a great "haunted house" painting.