Monday, December 5, 2011

Great Expectations ... But ...

My set-up

My aunt and sister, visiting the Native Art booth.

Let's just say it was another learning experience.  I met some good people, and made some art contacts. I sold one painting to a friend - a dentist with whom I work, who came out with another co-worker, even though she was coming down with a flu. And I had great moral support from my aunt and two of my sisters. I thank you all!!!

Buddy, drawn properly.
A light glaze of purply-black, with patches of aureolin/quin. burnt orange.

I am intensifying all the colors.
I have gone to a sooty black, made with quin. burnt orange, quin. violet and  indanthrone blue.
I decided the orange was just too "orange", so for his tan patches I have used a mix of aureolin, alizarin and cobalt blue.

And if anyone has any ideas on marketing art, I am ALL ears!!! As always, I love to get your comments.