Thursday, August 4, 2011

... and Now I Am Going to Pull a Rabbit Out of My Hat!

Simple-looking sketch [with all my notes scribbled around it]
   OK ... no rabbits today. I say that only because this effort is more than I bargained for. Yes ... simple ... only a goose. But the shadows are wild. The reflected colors on the left side of the goose are going to be somewhat of a challenge.

Graded wash of aureolin
Graded wash of cobalt blue

Some aureolin in reflected shadow area
Some quin. siena so I see something other than white
The model

Mooing Along Slowly ...

Fairly detailed sketch
Background of quin. gold + cobalt blue
Background = prussian blue on grass + indanthrone blue for trees
Road map of shadows on cow with thin quin. violet + indanthrone
Underpainting of brown madder + prussian blue
1st glaze of black [aureolin + quin. pink + prussian blue]
A few light washes on darker areas of cow

 I haven't felt at all like painting the past few weeks, but the urge is coming back  a bit. I did the sketches for both paintings on which I am working last night. Then this morning, I traced them onto wc. paper, prepped them, and started painting. They are both somewhat difficult; the Holstein I chose just because I like cows, and the goose is to cheer up a friend who is most fond of geese [she had to euthanize her her old friend, Buddy, yesterday]  So we shall see what I can pull off with the two works.As always, comments are MOST welcome!