Monday, October 15, 2018


Getting to know each other ... the apple helped

Bruno was an absolute gentleman when it came to being photographed with Olena [the model] holding the reins.

Here's David, totally absorbed in getting the perfect photos.

Check out the wild head-dress!
My yoga therapist's husband is a professional photographer. Janine came out here for a visit in the summer, and thought David should meet Bruno. Bruno is easy-going, fairly calm about all that life throws at him [except ducks, but that's another story]. So David was here a few weeks ago, and thought Brunz would be good in a photo shoot. We arranged to meet yesterday. David poked around to find some interesting spots with good light, and Olena [the model - a sweetheart] looked for places to change her outfits. All went very well with Olena posing, holding Bruno's reins. Then we tried to get Olena on his back without a saddle. That was not a hit with Bruno, and Olena ended on the ground. So we tried with the saddle - that was better, till Bruno decided he wanted to go off exploring, and lost Olena again. I must say, I admire her - she is game and tough, and still loved Bruno when we finished the shoot. I think David got some great photos of the the steampunk jewelry - the purpose of the exercise. As for Bruno's carrier as a model ... we shall see :)
I was very impressed with the professionally of David and Olena. If you'd like to see some of David's work, his website is www.hypnoticphoto.ca 
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Monday, October 1, 2018


Grace's landscape. She really has a good feel for this subject matter. Me, I have to drag myself, kicking and screaming to do a landscape.

Grace's sunflower

Jessie's sunflower. Jess' strength is to carefully develop the depth of the work. She loves doing florals and animals. 

My sunflower, slowly taking shape.

Commission I am working on. The is the 2nd rendition. I am at the stage where I need to get some background on there, so I can see how much more I must develop the star of the painting.

Another commission. A woman came to visit a few weeks ago, and wanted to know how much I wanted for the portrait of Bruno I have in my living area. I told her it was not for sale, but would paint another ...

Next class project is rooster!!!!This and the one above are two I did several years ago.

I haven't been doing a lot of painting lately. The arthritis pain has been keeping me quiet, and if I do feel better, I try to get out to do some barn work or have a short ride on Bruno. But the pain is abating, so hopefully I can get back to doing more. Apparently the stem cells take at least three to six months to have effect, and what I am feeling are arthritis symptoms which seem to come and go in waves. C'est la vie ...

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The province of British Columbia is holding its municipal elections later this month. This means, here in Langley,  all resident voters are able to vote for their township's mayor, eight members of council, and five school trustees. There has been a lot of "development" over the past number of years, and it has reached the stage where farmland is being sold and "developed" as housing tracts. I honestly don't know what the people who decide to move in this direction are thinking. Really .. if all the farmland is gone, what will we all eat? ... concrete and plywood??? You know how much I love the natural world, and I cannot stand by and let it disappear. So I encourage you to vote in this upcoming election. I have taken the liberty of compiling a list of candidates who seem the least likely to be in favour of rampant over-development. 

Mayor - Anna Remenik

Councillors - Petrina Arnason
                                Gail Chaddok-Costello
                        Michelle Connerty
              David Davis
               Kim Richter
                       Michelle Sparrow
                    Harold Whittell
                            Jonathan Houwelling

School trustees - Megan Dykeman
                           Suzanne Perrault
                                    Cheryl Snowdon-Eddy
                David Tod
                      Marnie Wilson

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