Saturday, February 18, 2012

Since It's Windy Enough to Blow Me Right Out of the Saddle ...

Two foreground geese masked.

Start w/w washes.

More washes, and loose shadows.
With background geese, I tried lifting while wash was wet. It worked quite well.

Mask off.

Starting on their heads,  necks and feet.

More detail painting on heads and feathers.

More detail to heads.  And I added some more colorful and intense shadows directly under their bodies, and on their backsides.
OK, Jane and Pat, I REALLY like this one! Even though I am very critical of my work, I am thrilled with how the geese turned out. There is still a bit of painting to be done on their bodies and on the feathers, and some shadowing to go on their feet, but essentially it is all here.
As ever and always, all comments and questions are MOST welcome!!!

Reinstatement of the "B" Word ... or ...I'm Back for More

I am here. I really like this background better - much more depth and interest.

I did a trial run to see how the head would look with this background, using the "Buddy 5.0" version!
MUCH better!!!