Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A "YES" for Voodoo ... Not Sure about the Farrier Scene

Voodoo is looking very Voodoo-ish, which is good. It's time to start a background - something darker at the edges and on the left side of the painting, mostly blues I think.

I painted a quick study for the background of the farrier painting ...

... then cut it out, and taped it over the open doorway.

I masked the edges [don't think I had to do that] and did some wet-in-wet washes to imply a field with trees in the distance. I really do not like how it looks. This morning, I wet the area, and lifted as much as I could. Whether it will improve with finishing the horse, and darkening the farrier, I don't know. I very much like the pose, with the two bums facing the viewer, but I don't think this does it for me. Maybe a smaller format, focussing more on the two figures??? What do you think?

Thank you all for dropping by!