Friday, March 21, 2014

Amaryllis, a Class Project ... and ... Another Process

I masked the pistils and stamens, and then painted [wet in wet] the large shadowed areas of the petals. I used cobalt blue, aureolin and quin. pink for the grays -  one a neutral gray, the other more blue.

I then did some w/w applications of green, using aureolin and phthalo green.

I  lightly stroked and dabbed some quin. coral on the damp petals.

The simple background was a gradated application of cobalt blue and phthalo blue.

Amaryllis   9 x 12 inches
I darkened some of the existing green with phthalo green and quin. violet, and added some detail at the flower's center with alizarin crimson and green. Then I removed the mask, and touched up the pistil and stamens. I think it's a nice, clean, simple painting, and I hope it is not too difficult for a class. 

A few months ago, I was out dog-walking. I thought all of us should take a peek into a local art center. There, we were met by the manager, who thankfully loved dogs.
We had a lovely chat, the upshot of which entailed my submitting a proposal to teach a series of watercolor classes. The course will be called something like "Creating Luminous Florals in Watercolor". Hopefully, there will be enough people interested in the course to have full classes.

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