Saturday, June 23, 2012

One Almost There ... Another Looking Interesting ...

Both above photos were taken in filtered daylight, with slightly different adjustments. I think if I overlaid them, I'd be close to having what it actually looks like. So, it's almost finished. I'm having a small niggling thought about maybe painting some soft, barely-there branches at the top of the doorway.

I've started the smaller of the two bridge paintings. I suppose this is something of a practice run. I painted a very w/w drizzly wash, using aureolin, quin. pink and cobalt blue, and encouraged it to run vertically.

This is the second w/w wash - same idea, but I also used quin. siena. I think the next wash, I will focus on the water, using the same technique.

I had two very intense days at work. I think most people believe their hygienist is a heartless soul, but I care very much about my patients. I woke up early this morning, thinking of my last patient yesterday - an extremely difficult case from all dental perspectives.  I had to call the office, to ask the receptionist to check on her.

But now I have two weeks of painting and horsing around  and planning for an open studio in August ahead of me.

As ever, your comments are most welcome!