Tuesday, June 18, 2013

One Done and Some on the Go ...

I think I finally have this "quick" painting done. The shadows look credible. I just have to decide how to crop it - 6 x 8 inches or 6 x 6 inches, and then mount and varnish it. I thank you all who commented and offered advice - it was a help, and I appreciate it! 

Yes, another goose painting. They are all screaming out of their barn, happy to be outside. The above is the drawing I have put on the watercolor paper. I am doing a lot of color swatches, and will get to a value sketch today. 

One of the swatches ...

This is Kristie. Several months ago, I offered to do an animal portrait for a fund-raiser for the Pacific Riding for the Disabled. The portrait of Buddy was put on display as an example of my work. Yesterday, I got a call from the owner. I went over that afternoon, and had a lovely visit with both of them.  Many photos were taken, and I have some of the owner's photos as well, so now to get a great drawing done. Kristie is a beautiful American Cocker Spaniel, with the most incredibly deep, intelligent eyes.

This is it in my corner of the art world. I thank you for dropping by, and always welcome your comments!