Saturday, February 23, 2013


I started out tentatively, with permanent rose and cobalt blue.

more rose ...

I added some alizarin crimson to the warmer shadows ...

... and just kept adding more of the pink.

This is where it started to feel more intuitive, as I was putting in more rose w/w. 

I worked on the leaves this morning, and it just seemed to flow, so to speak. It felt much more natural, easier for me to get the result I wanted. I think I have finally figured out where and how much to wet the paper, and how to place the pigment.

I am at this point now. I may put in a very thin background wash of aureolin,  and drop in some of the green I have used for the leaves.

What a wonderful feeling! It sneaks up on you while you're playing with the paint, and you suddenly realize you know and feel exactly what to do. It must be part of the proverbial learning curve. I know I have felt it a few times when riding, too. It is the "AHA!!!" moment, and there is nothing like it.
I visited the gallery in Vancouver yesterday - no photos, as it was a very wet and miserable day. But the gallery is fabulous! Small, but so perfectly set up, with an unbelievably eclectic and beautiful collection of art. I am looking forward to showing there this summer, and hope they will allow me to participate in more of their displays.  

 As always, your comments are most welcome!