Sunday, April 26, 2015

Trying to Control the Uncontrollable ... and Getting More than Frustrated with It!!!

My nemesis right now - trying to create some softer, nebulous interpretation of this %$**#@ magnolia.

First attempt

Start of third or fourth attempt - losing count
Thin w/w washes of cobalt blue and some quinacridone-type pink

Second w/w wash of quin. gold and cobalt blue, then lift whites.

More gold and blue ... more lifting ...

Looks like I have been lifting so much that most of the sizing is gone from the paper.

I did this as a quickie demo for class yesterday. The softness looks so damn good, but to keep it ... that's the hard part!!!

As you can tell, I am extremely frustrated with watercolor. It's as difficult as riding well - trying to "control" the truly uncontrollable. I have made my peace with horses and riding [well ... almost all the time], and that only took thirty years. I have been painting for fifteen years - looks like I have a way to go yet. Today, I feel that if it wasn't for the teaching, I would give it up. I can paint within the lines reasonably well, but moving beyond that ..... that is the quest.

Thank you for visiting, and listening to the rant.