Thursday, December 9, 2010


OK, this one looks painful!

Yikes! I cannot believe those trees

A little better

From a few years back
   As do a lot of people, I am FASCINATED by old barns, well, old buildings in general. These are some recent and not-so-recent renderings.

Composition Comparison or ... I Guess I Really Like It

From about 5 years ago

Many moons ago 
   Well, the concept did not work too well in the first effort, but I very much like how I handled the same basic composition in the later painting.

Paintings from the Past or ... More Moldy Oldies

From a few years back, and happily gone to a good home
One I did for my nephew about 3 - 4 years ago 
One of my early efforts

A Blast from the Past

Painted about 5 - 6 years ago

   I seem to be visiting the past a bit lately, in my thoughts. I suppose it's just the time of year. I was rustling through some old paintings from about ten years ago, when I started painting. It amazed me the volume I pumped out, at least one a day. Now, it takes weeks or months.
   Well, above is a painting of which I am quite proud. Below, are some of my much earlier visions of that fabulous city, Venice.

This looks familiar ... vaguely
Here's another scene
And yet another