Thursday, January 29, 2015

CATS' MEOWS ... Feline Works-in-progress ...

I painted a wet-in-wet wash with quin. burnt orange for her head and back - the areas getting more light. For the white ruff and areas in shadow, I first did a thin glaze of permanent rose, then an overall wash of a mixture of the rose, with quin. burnt orange and cobalt blue. When that was still wet, I tried to get some texture in the fur with curved lines painted with a thicker application of the same colors.

This is one strange-looking cat!!! 

... a bit better ...
I wet everything except the white patches, and the eyes and nose. I stroked in a thin wash of a mix of quin. burnt orange, permanent rose and cobalt blue. While it was still wet, I added some lines with a thicker mixture of the same colors to imply fur texture. The eyes were glazed with aureolin, quin. gold and touches of quin. burnt orange. The shadows in the white ruff are being done with a lavender-grey mixture. He still looks very intense! Hopefully his eyes will look less Svengali-ish when I get more of the body and head done.

Thank you so much for dropping by!