Sunday, June 9, 2013

I Think I Can Live with This ... Cushy Shoes Done

I have added a ground of quin. sienna, and the cast shadow [permanent rose, aureolin and indanthrone].

Just some more detail work, mostly on the laces and their shadows.

I have intensified the cast shadow, put in some form shadows, and done some more detailing. I also glazed the soles with cobalt blue. This one will be varnished, too, so I don't think the wubble in the shadow at the far right will show. With these shoes, I did not want a dramatic background - they are just good, old worn-out runners, and needed a good, old, worn-looking background.

Addendum - just got back from visiting my aunt in Vancouver. She is my best critic. Her first comment was "Are you finished yet?" I guess NOT!!! :)

This is the reference photo for my next project. I sometimes to remember to take my camera when I go out for an evening walk, and this is one of the scenes I find quietly attractive.

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