Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Guess What? ... Another Process

Value/composition sketch

Start on leaves with "home made" greens

More leaf glazing, and start flower center

Shadows on flowers. Will need deepening.
Background wet-in-wet wash of aureolin

Another very wet-in wet wash of permanent rose 
   I've played with this off and on for the last two days. It's not bad, but almost everything will need more depth ... more shadowing. The background will remain very simple, with more wet/wet washes of probably an orange and some blue, darker at the bottom and gradually lightening at the top. "Carmella" is coming along, and that process will be posted later. Please feel free to comment or ask questions.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Break from Painting ... or ... A Farmish Interlude

Hondas are great ... low on gas consumption

And you can get 5 bales of hay in the back!

Bruno knows the routine

And gets out the gate, onto the lower back lawn

The little beast in Bruno's shed/stall

Ready to unload 5 bales

One left 

His Highness still munching on the lawn

From a previous encounter with Bruno's teeth

The Honda looks so cute in the barn
And the mess when I'm done

   I had to run out and get some soft, tasty grass hay for the lad today. He does have his taste preferences, and it must be quite soft, as his teeth are a bit weird. I think he must have been kicked in the head [really] when he was young, as the alignment at the mid-line is off by about 10 millimeters, and his molar occlusal plane is irregular as well, so I have to be a bit choosy about his hay.
   Anyway, that's my break from painting. I'm working on three right now - a smallish floral, a dog portrait, and a "fun" painting for one of my sisters of the old neighborhood in Vancouver. I'll be posting some painting updates as they're done.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Miss Carmella

working sketch
17 x 12 inches
   I've been working on and off all day prepping this sketch to paint. I previously did a small painting, mostly to work out the color scheme, and it was approved by Rhonda, the owner. I also was told the story of how Carmella received her lumpy head. She was caught in a situation with a three-year-old girl and an upset horse. It ultimately came down to Carmella or the child, and Carmella decided to save the girl, and take the flailing hooves herself. Such is the way of all good dogs!! She ended up with five stitches and a very large bump on top of her head.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thank You to My Fellow Artists for Your Comments

I was here yesterday

After some touching up this morning

   I so much appreciate everyone's critiques [though I don't think they were "brutal" enough] I have made some small changes that I think have improved her look. As for the background for the large portrait, I think I will do something soft and smoky, in blues and greys. Thank you all again for your help; it's always difficult to see what is wrong when you are working on something.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm Back ... I Hope!

   I have had a BAD month, ending up in emergency twice within a week. I had a very miserable flu that would not leave me alone. And then yesterday. I thought I would do something constructive, and clean the eaves troughs. I was almost done, when the ladder decided to lose its grip, and I rode it in slow motion to the ground. Basically, I was all right, just shaken up, but I did need twenty stitches in my right shin. Ah, well ... never a dull moment.
 Needless to say, I had NOT felt like painting. I just started today, after not doing any art for a month. I am starting a large commission for some friends, of a yellow lab. But I am doing the smart thing, and starting with at least one color study before I tackle the full size. Below are photos of Carmella, and the small study I did today. I would very much appreciate some brutally honest criticism.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Mr. Buddlington's Saga

Original photo, taken in shade with flash [1st mistake]
Buddy II, at which point I realized I could not create deeper shadows to give illusion of depth
Start again; same colors, with lavender wash on dog to indicate shadows
I am here; still a ways to go, but to me, it already has more depth 

Progress Report ... or ... the Life and Times of a Perfectionist

Original photo

I was here a few days ago
Creeping along, darkening leaves an right side of foreground building.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Swept Away . and Now I'm feeling a Bit Lost

Sketch, with scribblings

Masking on; 1st glazes - quin. gold, warm & cool pinks, cobalt blue

Softened pinks with 3 thin glazes warm grey
Foreground darks floated in, to better estimate values throughout

Some detail started

Trying different techniques for street
Photo in background

Large color masses placed
Playing with building texture [love doing that]

More building detail
Started leaves

I am here
Lightened road surfaces, and worked on leaves till I was cross-eyed

  I was, as I said, swept away by a photo my aunt took, when she and my mother were in Greece. It's an amazing, vibrant picture of a side street in the Turkish quarter of Athens. I LOVE painting old buildings, so, the same day I found the photo, I got a sketch going. I couldn't wait; the photo itself looked like a painting. Well, I've been at it for three days, and my initial fervor has dimmed a bit. The detail of the leaves was getting to me. So I'll put it aside for a few days, and look at it critically then. Any comments or ideas???