Saturday, November 9, 2013

Another Run at a Landscape ... or ... If at First You Don't Succeed ...

Boy, this painting looks so stark on this page! I did several washes of thin aureolin, quin. coral and pink,  and cobalt blue to get the background sunrise. Then I started doing some thin washes of the coral and blue, with quin. siena to paint the distant tree-line.

I then did more w/w along the bottom of the trees at the horizon to suggest fog. Again I used coral, siena and blue.

At this stage, I extended the line of water all along the bottom, and dropped in some of the coral/siena/blue mixture, with a lot more blue. Before I did that, I lifted some lines to suggest sunlight coming through the trees and fog.
NOW to tackle the foreground!

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Progress on My Make-Work Project ... or ... Let's Break Some Rules ...

I really could not get the shadowed petals dark enough for my liking, so ...

... I decided to glaze them with the same black I had used for the background.  Unfortunately, I took the photo at night, under studio lighting, and the colors are way off.

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