Saturday, March 22, 2014

Creature Feature - an Update on the Paper Mache Beastiary

Froggie still looks good, though had some minor orthopedic surgery this morning. There was a crack in his left forearm - quickly set with paper and paste. He has been gessoed, with a home-made plaster gesso, and sanded. More gesso to be applied ... 

This is Mr. Przewalski III, still in the pre-gesso stage.

Basset hound, being gessoed and sanded ...

  ... love the ears!

Awesome Possum

And the owl, which doesn't quite look too owlish. I am hoping the paint makes a difference ... a BIG difference!

These figures are more work than I originally thought they'd be, mostly with the multiple gessoing and sanding sessions. But I still think they're cute, and am having fun with them. I have started to put together a large goose, as well. That will be finished in a different way - something called "cloth mache". It's all a learning process ...

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