Saturday, December 24, 2016

... just a quickie ...

my drawing

some work done last night ...

... and finished this afternoon
The Floss  11.5 x 10 inches

I had to get a card quickly whipped up for Pat [my good friend and landlady] for Christmas. Neither one of us  have much in the way of  Christmas spirit - left to our own, we would let it slide by, and happily wait for Spring. But Pat bought me a fantastic winter coat, perfect for walking the dogs and working around the barn in this cold weather. She knows me, so she didn't wrap it, just hauled the coat out of its box and had me try it on 2 weeks ago, and I've been living in it ever since. I bought my usual for her - a hefty coupon for a nearby garden supply outlet. Then she has all the joy [and she does love her gardening] of selecting her plants for the Spring, and planting and caring for them. And I have the joy of admiring and drawing and painting them. Perfect arrangement.
The painting is of her dog, Shayna. The name is something that sounds like it came from Xena, Warrior Princess. So she usually is called Flossy or the Floss. She'll answer to anything especially if there is food involved. She ate a bird seed ball I put out a few days ago, and is always on the prowl for granola I leave out on the ground for the birds. Yup, she's a hoover. But she is adorable, and loving, and Maggie's [my dog] BFF!

That's all for now ... feels like time for a long winter's nap.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday!!!!!