Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Trigger Is Off and Running ... Well, Walking Anyway ...

Lucy on the left, Desi on the right, last December.
I masked out the pinkish strip down his nose, and the trailing ends of his mane, and started in with  a thin w/w glaze of burnt orange, pink, and indanthrone blue.

I've glazed a bit more on the muzzle, and roughed in the eyes.

More detail work on muzzle.

The reference photo shows him as pretty much white, grey and black. I'd like to bring some subtle colors into the shadows, and carry them into the background. I may have to walk down to visit Trigger today, and make some notes.

I prefer this sketch, and I'll probably do something with it later, just for fun.

As for the farm, it was quite chilly last night - around 7 C, and there was a heavy ground fog this morning. The swallows have left the barn - I miss them. 

Thankfully, I put Bruno's winter blankie on last night. He's been shedding like mad for the past month, and the new coat is coming in darker for the winter, but not too heavy and long yet. It still gets into the mid-20's C during the day.

I have a photo of my sister's Boxers at the top of this post [couldn't add it to the bottom]. These are the two that I dog-sit when Denise goes away on business, so I spend a fair bit of time with them. A few days ago, I was very upset to find out that Desi has some growth around her heart and lungs. I was visiting my sister and the Girls on Sunday, and hand-feeding Desi peanut butter, as she has almost completely stopped eating. I really am upset, as they are such sweet and loving dogs with such wonderful personalities. And my sister is a basket case; these two really are her "children". We'll all know more this evening, whether she can have surgery or not.

As always, your comments are most welcome!