Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Buddy's Home ... and ... What a Small World

There he is, up beside Birdie, whose portrait "The Laughing Labrador" I did seven years ago. And down below, the hockey game. [Duncan is a big fan; Pat and I just groan and shake our heads.]

I asked Pat and Duncan to pose by their painting. They are both so happy with the portrait.

The mad conductor, directing "The Rite of Spring".  At least, he looks like a conductor to me. He is coming along nicely - should be done soon.

I had an unexpected day off, as the dentist with the broken arm was told to take it easy; her arm has been quite painful. So I got some painting done, worked on ideas for the bridge painting, and went for a two hour hike in the woods with Pat and four dogs - her two, and the Boxer Girls. Yes, they are staying with me again this week. In crossing a narrow bridge by one of the water jumps on the trail, Shayna [the cute, scruffy one] got loose, and took off. I went off in pursuit, through bog and mud, and came home sloshing in my boots. Ah yes ... country life! We did manage to retrieve Miss Shayna, too.
I also picked up the painting today. And in conversation with the owner of the gallery, we discovered we are neighbors. She and her husband moved a few months ago to a property almost right across the street. We didn't know it till today. She admitted that she and her husband are quite quiet. Pat and I, in passing the house on one of our many walks, thought the home was deserted; there was never any activity. Now I know. Denise badly broke her arm riding two years ago, and has just started again, so there will be activity and horses there soon.