Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Meet the Family ...

 I just realized I have painted all of Steph and John's family, at least once. So I thought it would be interesting to post the "menagerie" - sorry, collection. Well, it's family.

Paulina at 12

Paulina at 7

Paulina at 3, when she was called Chickie

Julian at14

Jules at  14 years

Jules at 16, fishing near Kelona

Julian about 8 years, at my birthday



Even the family dog, sweet Ripley

Steph Is Done

   I added more shadowing and color to her face. And it does NOT look as orange and purple as this, but it's the best I can do with my editing. Now I must get on to Buddy [but I am dying to get to some of the cars].

Steph ... Continued

I went over the sweater with a glaze of home-made black, w/w.
Then I gazed over her hair with mixes of alizarin crimson & quin. burnt orange

I've been going over the hair, drybrushing with an almost-black brown.

I put in a properly cropped photo, so we could see what it looks like without the distraction of the staples and paint-board.

The painting is actually a bit darker than this. And I looked at some other photos of Steph; her hair, in reality,  has more red, so that's what I did. Now I am wondering if it would improve the painting if I went in, and carefully added more depth and color to her face. to me, it looks somewhat flat right now. As always, all your comments are most welcome.