Thursday, November 8, 2012

Just in Passing ...

Studio light

Outdoors, sunny day, in shade

I think I've found the best lighting for my work. The only problem is that is is not often sunny in Vancouver in the winter. C'est la vie! 

The Pilgrim's Progress [OK ... Bad Pun]

W/w varied-intensity wash of orange over the background

Some violet and blue

A road map of the head and upper torso, with warm and cool flesh colors

Intensifying flesh colors, and starting robe

It's a play on titles with John Bunyan's late 17th c. novel. I took a course in English lit. - loved it.  I waded through Milton's "Paradise Lost" and Spenser's "A Fairy Queen", among many others.
The monk seems to be coming along well. So far, all has been done wet-in-wet. The real fun will start when I start playing warm and cool colors off each other in the skin tones. Anyway, this is what I am up to this morning while waiting for the glaze of heavy frost to melt from the riding ring. Bruno does not have skates!!!