Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oh ... This and That ...

I finally took my "bete noire" to my framer yesterday, after doing a quick touch up and signature. I lifted the water-line in front of the city, and also lifted some implied reflections.  I went all out with the framing, and I may even like it when it's done. The mat is an off-white, with a thin bordering mat of gray - the same color as my signature. That was not planned, but it turned out to be the best color for an accent.

I have a desire to paint something slightly weird and dark. The work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo has always intrigued me, and I think I will borrow a page from his book, so to speak, and use some of my family photos for portrait reference. 

Needing something else to play with while working on Trigger, I did this quick study of hollyhock buds. It's 20 x 11 cm.

The lad is coming along slowly, as I gradually do thin glazes on his face.   I might even finish him today.  I just got a call from the receptionist at work; my whole day tomorrow fell apart, so I don't go to the office till Friday.  I've also badly pulled my hamstring muscle riding, so I won't be riding much for a few days [or sitting!].  So I'll have to get some more painting projects started.

As always, your comments are most welcome!