Sunday, February 3, 2013

Before I Get Back in the Saddle ...

This reference photo of a pair of greylag geese was generously offered by Gary Jones. I'm sure most of you read Sharon Whitley's wonderful art and hiking blog.  Gary is Sharon's husband. This is her challenge for February.

This was a quickie, to see how difficult it would be to maintain the whites without masking. I didn't think I could maintain the wetness I needed for the entire goose, so I used masking.

I am trying to create the impression of grasses in the snow behind the geese for the background. The colors I am using are aureolin, alizarin crimson and indanthrone blue. I am using the same colors for the geese, with a bit of quin. sienna for the bills and feet.  

Here are both geese with masking.

Local color laid in for both geese. I have darkened the grasses, too, to give an overall pattern and cohesion to the painting.

At this stage, I am darkening the geese, and adding details, and touching up where necessary.

FINALLY, after a month, I feel like painting. That pneumonia really took the wind out of my sails.  I am even going to try a short ride today!!! YAY!!!

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