Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Country Moments

A little mid-morning rester
Aha, he's spotted me
Hmmm ... should I get up?
Up, and having a shake to get rid of wood shavings

"Would you like to play, or maybe let me on the back lawn?"

   I am not producing very much with my painting right now, so nothing to post with that. But I still deeply love the beauty and quiet of the countryside, so I will share some rural moments. I was outside hanging up laundry, and saw Bruno having a siesta.  I tried to get to him quietly to take some photos. But he was up in seconds, ready for anything.
   And Sandy Sandy will like this - I rescued a hummingbird yesterday. It was caught in the main house, trying to get out the skylight, and only becoming more and more exhausted. I finally had to get a kitchen step-ladder and a soft towel [wrapped around my hand to give me more "height"] and very gently put my hand around him. They are so tiny, I felt nothing in my hand. I took him outside, opened the towel, and let him zip away! I felt so good doing that.