Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Slowly, but Surely ...

I left off here ...

I've done a bit more thin glazing on the abutment and the base of the abutment.

Some more thin glazes have been done, and I have put in the reflections.  I thought it best to put them in lighter than they actually are, then play with them a bit when I paint the water. I have also done a first glaze on the girders.

Same lighting, but you'd never know it. This one shows the reflections better. The above photo better shows the bridge itself.

As ever, your comments are most welcome.

It's Getting the Old Building Look

I did this several years ago, in my first serious painting class. It's of my sister in Venice. We both love the painting, but I have it hanging at my place as she is in a state of perpetual fixing and re-decorating. I don't mind - I love looking at it. :) It was SO much fun painting those old buildings.

This brings me to the dreaded bridge.  I find I like painting it the same way I did those buildings in Venice, taking my time, wet-in-wet, leaving some edges here and there ...  It may not be how the bridge really looks, but I think it gives it much more character.

I'm playing warm and cool against each other, creating more depth.

As always, your comments are most welcome.