Thursday, March 5, 2015

Some Scenes from the Countryside

I had to go to the feed store to buy supplies for Bruno. This is one of the views on the route I take.

... a closer shot - that's Mt. Baker looming in the distance.

The lilies are putting out leaves in the ponds. 

A shot of our trail today.

Maggie, in a blurry photo. She is always on the move.

I was tempted to try to cross one of these logs over a gully. Thankfully, I thought better of it - I'll wait till it's drier, and the moss is not slippery. 

I think this will make a good demo for the next class. Once again, we will be doing a very w/w painting, trying to capture the light of a scene.

I spent most of yesterday inside painting, with a quick trip to buy some feed for Bruno. I really need to be outside every day, getting some exercise - woke up with a stinker of a headache. So this morning before work, Maggie and I headed out to the woods.

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