Tuesday, June 3, 2014

More Geese ... and ... Indulging My Passions ...

First, a word from the muse - Maggie loves to snuggle on the bed when I am painting, until she thinks I have done enough, and then demands some TLC.

A return to an old idea - re-drawn, and hopefully better prepared as far as color and composition.

And this is the indulgence. I LOVE armor!!!  When I was very young, the family would occasionally visit one of my father's friends. Their home was like a museum - cases full of fascinating things ... Native Indian artifacts, sabres, muskets, weird stuffed animals, Indian masks and fetishes, even a shrunken head. For a child, it was heaven!!! And one of Dr. Bell's relatives even had a complete suit of armor in his home!!!! ZOWIE! It was love at first sight; I can still see it in my mind's eye. So here I am working on a drawing of a knight and horse in armor. We shall see what I can do with this ...

Thank you for dropping by!