Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Quick Peek at My Planning Process ... or .. A Short Course in Frustration

This was round #1 with the portrait. I was not happy with how his head and neck looked against his body, so decided to start again.

But meanwhile, I thought I'd play with the blacks to see how the logo would show up.

This is #2. I used quin. gold as one of the colors in the initial washes ... 

... but when I got further along, I didn't like the color it gave.

I did some fluffing around with colors this morning - just quin. burnt orange and some cobalt blue. I think it will look better.

This is the reference photo I was given ...

... and the original sketch.

And now for something completely different! This is one of the photos I took the other evening. I was fascinated by the turkeys, so of course I must paint them. They remind me of the alien in the movie of the same name.

I thought to do a larger painting [16 x 20 inches], but common sense prevailed, and I have started with an 8 x 10 inch soon-to-be-painted sketch.

Playing around with colors, and trying to capture the look of feathers. I do not want to render each individual one!

And I am mulling over how to paint these cuties.  

Now off to ride Bruno. It was cooler yesterday, as it is today. And His Highness was very full of himself. Riding him was like trying to drive a runaway tank. My bum and thighs can feel the workout they had!

Thank you so much for dropping by!