Monday, October 15, 2012

Something Different ...

A clip from the 1958 movie, Auntie Mame.

Julian, as my version of the Green Man

Thin quin. burnt orange over all, then a graded wash of alizarin crimson.

Building up shadows with the orange.

More shadowing, and I've blocked in the hair.

I'm starting to add deeper shadows with alizarin crimson in the warm areas and quin. violet in the cooler spots.

I have always been fascinated with mythology and ancient legends. One of these is the Green Man, who symbolized rebirth, and the proliferation of new growth in Spring. In modern times, he is seen as a symbol of Nature, and the protection of the living planet. That's my interpretation anyway. :)
I have taken a sketch I did of my nephew, and am working in warm, "natural", autumn colors. So far, I am quite pleased with how the painting is coming along.
The clip from Auntie Mame deserves an explanation. I love the movie and the character of Mame. She is a wonderfully eccentric woman who LOVES life, and the plot revolves around the story of her raising her nephew. I sometimes see myself as Mame, in my relationships with my niece and nephew. My niece, Paulina, is having some anxious times right now as a teenager. We had a chat a few weeks ago, and she wanted to have more times together. Yesterday, I drove into Vancouver, and spent the afternoon with her. Somehow, we ended up heading out towards the university area, strolling along the nearby streets. I used to work in an office in the area, and it was so pleasant to see how the area has changed and stayed the same - both. I've always loved that part of Vancouver. It has somehow kept a small town, hippie atmosphere. Paulina said I looked like an alien to the planet, looking and wondering and examining all around me. I'll take that as a compliment, and blame it on my "artist's eye".

Paulina and I stopped to admire some gorgeous dahlias.

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