Friday, July 15, 2011

Good Call, Sandy

   I would like to give a "thank you" to Sandy at http://sandysandysweblog.blogspot.com for her advice. It was a simple fix that made all the difference to this small painting. I just darkened the leaves that were  a distraction from the flower.

Looking Forward to Monday ...

1st quick sketch
More depth
Loose washes, eyes and glasses masked 
Crawling along
Still crawling along
Mask removed, start eyes

   I finished the sketch about a week ago, put it on Arches 140 lb. CP, and started painting. If left to my own devices, I paint very slowly, using thin glazes; most of the time I get where I want to be but .... SLOWLY. I have just lately trained myself to always use the largest possible brush. So I am really looking forward to a portrait class offered by Lalita Hamill of the Federation of Canadian Artists. She is an absolutely delightful young woman, and a great artist. I took one of her classes years ago.
   There are a few things I am hoping to gain from the course. I would dearly love to create much more emotional depth in my painting. I would like to paint faster, and looser at times, be less tentative. And I would like to improve my compositional skills. I'm sure there's more, but those are the big ones.
  So I will leave you all for now, and probably post late Monday, after the class. I thank you for dropping by.