Sunday, February 28, 2016

More Cheshire Cats ...

First was a w/w wash of quin. rose with quin. burnt orange. I let it dry, then did a wash of black.  The eyes were started with a very wet application of gold, with some burnt orange dropped in.

More black, and a thin wash of orange with a thicker mix of orange and quin. violet dropped in. Apparently she has very dark brown eyes - rare in cats.

Still more black, and a thin glaze of brown in the eyes.

You've got it ... still more black. I also added some of a red-orange inside the lids of her eyes.

I started with two separate w/w applications for this cat's coloration. The first was a mix of pink and orange. Then, when dry, an application of taupe[aureolin, pink and cobalt blue].  Her eyes were done with aureolin, orange and touches of cobalt blue. 

Intensified the colors with more of the same mixtures of colors.

Added some stripes using the dry-brush technique, and lined her eyes with black. I also did some subtle shading around her muzzle with pink, cobalt blue and orange.

A few touch-ups later, and I think she is done.

This is all I have to show this week. I started another painting twice, and liked neither.  I find I am more occupied with preparations for teaching - figuring out what particular aspect of drawing I would like to offer in class, and going through my photo library to find images for the watercolor class. But I still love teaching - I'm learning, students are learning and we are all enjoying the classes.

Thank you for dropping by!!