Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Aeonium and a Birthday

I was here ...

... and now I'm here.
It is starting to develop a glow in the leaves. YAY! 

My aunt, sister, and the birthday boy [and Bruce, of the 9 lives fame, on the buffet]

Julian, playing with some non-digital cameras I brought over. 

What a handsome lad!!! And smart, too!

The aeonium is coming along nicely. I will continue to go s l o w l y...  

I had a wonderful time at my sister's last night - so good to see the family! Julian, devilishly handsome, witty and profound [do I sound like a proud aunt and godmother?] was pleased with his party and gifts. I had, a few years ago, given him one of my car paintings, and he loves it; it's on his bedroom wall. So I took over another yesterday. His reaction was an eye-popping "Wow, cool!" Jules and I have always been in tune, ever since I met him when he was 5 weeks old. I love it that we can pick up a conversation, and enthusiastically follow each others train of thought. He is special.
And since we are back to our usual B.C. weather - mild and WET, I am getting a lot of painting done. And Bruno is in his paddock wearing flippers and a snorkel. I'll get down later, and clean up the paddock, and give him a good grooming, and take him out for a hand walk.