Monday, July 29, 2013


Studio light

Early morning light, pushing the cools

Early morning, pushing the warms
I've tried all different light settings, and I still can't get a true-to-life color with this painting. I think it must be the strong complementary colors of orange and violet. The values are a bit weak, too, because as soon as I increase the contrast, the colors look even more weird. Anyway ... I added some color to the ground and the goose peeking between the other's legs, to bring the focus more to the one with his wings outstretched.

I darkened the entire background.

And I intensified the shadow colors within the flowers. I also lifted some stem at the bottom. Again, it was difficult to get the actual values and colors, working with the complements of purples and greens.  

I deepened the background grass colors, as well as the shadows on the kid. I also deepened the pinks on his face. I thank you all for your input on these paintings. It really helps to have outside observations!!!

I've been up since 6AM, with Bruno hollering for breakfast. So I finished up some odds and ends with these paintings, and tried to get some decent photos to put up here. Now, it's time for a work-out with the Big Guy, and then hopefully into Vancouver to pick up my niece, and head out to get some photos and sketches of some old Vancouver homes.

I thank you for dropping by, and your comments are always welcome!