Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Break from Painting ... or ... A Farmish Interlude

Hondas are great ... low on gas consumption

And you can get 5 bales of hay in the back!

Bruno knows the routine

And gets out the gate, onto the lower back lawn

The little beast in Bruno's shed/stall

Ready to unload 5 bales

One left 

His Highness still munching on the lawn

From a previous encounter with Bruno's teeth

The Honda looks so cute in the barn
And the mess when I'm done

   I had to run out and get some soft, tasty grass hay for the lad today. He does have his taste preferences, and it must be quite soft, as his teeth are a bit weird. I think he must have been kicked in the head [really] when he was young, as the alignment at the mid-line is off by about 10 millimeters, and his molar occlusal plane is irregular as well, so I have to be a bit choosy about his hay.
   Anyway, that's my break from painting. I'm working on three right now - a smallish floral, a dog portrait, and a "fun" painting for one of my sisters of the old neighborhood in Vancouver. I'll be posting some painting updates as they're done.