Thursday, March 13, 2014

Oh ... This and That ...

The tugboat has been bought - YAY - and will be sailing off this afternoon to its new home way east of here, in the prairies. The purchaser wishes to remain anonymous, but I thank her very, very much!

Green wave parrot tulip
I am working on ideas for another tulip painting. A friend of one of my sisters fell in love with the one I had done for my aunt, and bought it. As my aunt found the painting a bit overwhelming with its dark background, I will try to restrain my inner drama queen, and keep the painting more in the pastel color range. I have found some interesting references for a parrot tulip called the green wave, and will compose something with those in mind.

Four of my paper mache beasties are ready for gesso. I'll get that done today. But I had to start the horse for the third time - just not right. I wanted to recover the wire I had used for its leg armatures, so I tried to pry the legs off. The paper mache dries SOOOO firmly, I finally had to resort to using a hammer ... HARD! Wow, that stuff dries beautifully! I am still loving the paper mache. Somehow, I find it so calming at those times when I let myself get too wired up. So for my next therapy session, I am making a rather large goose - it will probably stand about three feet tall. Then I have in mind a pig, maybe like the painting I did of the singing pig ... and then ...

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