Tuesday, June 7, 2011

YAY ... Baby Pictures

The Kid

   Around 7PM, I went to get BrunZ from the back lawn, to put him in his paddock for dinner. There was a great kuffuffle of killdeer noises. When I looked in the direction of the nest, there was action. Mom and Dad were very busy trying to keep an eye on the two scurrying kids. [one egg not hatched yet] The kids were ALL over the place, with parents in hot pursuit. I ran back in to get my camera, and then managed to take some decent photos. Boy ... those babies run like the wind, and they are so well-camoflaged. Other than proportional differences, they actually look like miniatures of the parents.

Mom, in mid-photo

Mom at lower right, and baby up against fence post

Another baby picture

SO well- colored, almost invisible 

Baby at lower left, and Mom or Dad at right

The remaining egg

A most protective parent