Thursday, June 6, 2013

You KNOW I Couldn't Leave It at one Go ... Round #2 for the Old Shoes

I had to start again. The last version had too dark a background, and was the wrong color. I tried to give it a shower, but too much brown remained, so ...

My colors are phthalo blue [green shade] for the bright blues,  and a variety of grays - aureolin and permanent rose, with either cobalt blue or indanthrone. The mesh was not that hard. I wet the area, and dropped in some of the lighter gray. It formed lovely spots suggestive of mesh.

I am happily fussing with details, but wondering what to do with the background. Any suggestions?

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A Visit to Hycroft House

Porte cochere/ main entrance to Hycroft.

My beautiful niece/model in one of the gorgeous sun rooms.

It is lovely and cozy, with a fantastic view.

One of the larger rooms for entertaining.

Another warm sitting room.

Paulina is checking out the books in the library.

Beautiful stained- glass leaded windows 

An Italian garden 

Back of the house, leading to the gardens

A few days ago, I received an invitation from my friend and fabulous watercolor painter, Leslie Redhead. She is having an exhibition of her work at Hycroft manor. I thought Paulina [my niece] would like to go with me. She loved it, and wants to do more things like this. [My auntie's heart is thrilled!] We viewed Leslie's great landscape paintings, chatted with Leslie and some of her students and painters, and then went off exploring. These are some of the photos I took. I could easily spend a week there, photographing and sketching - it is GORGEOUS!!!
A bit of history ... The house was commissioned by a Vancouver businessman, Alexander Duncan McRae. The architect was Thomas Hooper. The home was completed in 1911, and was apparently well-known for its balls and parties. The McRae family sold the property to the federal government for $1.00, to be used by the federal department of veterans' affairs. The University Women's Club purchased the property in the early 60's, and restored it superbly. That is its story to date.
I am posting a link to Leslie's blog - I know you will enjoy the visit!

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