Monday, March 14, 2016

And Yet Another Cheshire Cat Makes Its Appearance ... watercolor study of cat portrait

The model

This was my second attempt. I just flipped the paper over, and re-traced the outline, hence the reversed image. For some reason, I had to start with the striping.

First washes for the eyes [aureolin, quin. burnt orange and cobalt blue] and the nose [quin. burnt orange and quin. rose].

A wet-in-wet wash over  the face - orange and pink for the eye areas and lower portion of the face, and  a grey made with aureolin, pink and cobalt blue for the rest.

Some dry brush on the stripes

Another few glazes on the eyes - quin. gold, burnt orange and cobalt and indanthrone blue.

Yay ... ears!

Some final fussy details with dry brush, and this is done as a color study. Overall, I like the colors, and the nose and eyes. I think, for the final version, I will do the striping differently [but NOT hair by hair!]

Thank you so much for dropping by!