Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eurythmy with Geese

Eurythmy by Ferdinand Hodler

My version   Eurythmy with Geese

I don't know why, but this painting by Ferdinand Hodler has always appealed to me.  He was a late 19th c. - early 20th c. Swiss painter.  I believe he was presenting his interpretation of a therapeutic movement, called eurythmy,  that arose in the early 20th c.  I think it started as a type of expressive dance, and has evolved from there to include even the physical movements of painting as a therapy.  It is still utilized in performance art/dance, education, and movement therapy. But the geese just use it to get around!
After the last post, I worked on their feathers, and did another w/w application of blue around their feet, this time using indanthrone blue, to darken and subdue.