Sunday, November 4, 2012

Odds and Ends - Horses, Chickens and a Monk

Trigger's painting, sitting under the spot where he'll hang in Kim's kitchen, where he'll be seen all the time.

I thought I was finished ...

The background wasn't right for Kim, so I said I'd try to really darken it, and neutralize the purples which were wrong for the intended setting. This is after two w/w washes of phthalo blue and indanthrone blue.

I am also warming his face and neck with very thin, carefully applied glazes of quin. coral, quin. siena and quin. burnt orange. It looked too cold and flat after darkening the background.

Chick is coming along nicely ...

This is from a photo of a friend of mine. I can hardly wait to get to it!!! The strength and serenity of his face are magnificent. I still have to plan the background.

I was very upset earlier this week when Trigger's mom called to tell me that the old boy had died on Saturday. It was very sudden and completely unexpected. Kim also asked if I could change the background in the portrait; she wants something almost charcoal gray, very dark.  I promised her I would try, or do another painting. So this is where I am right now with the painting.

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