Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Tale of Two Parrots ...or ... Works in Progress

Since the last post, I went over the shadowed areas of the head with alizarin crimson.

Next I painted the blue ruff around the neck with ultramarine blue. Then ... the FUN part ... wetting the head, and blorping [a very technical watercolor term  :)] on lots of cadmium red. Right now, I like how it looks. We shall see what happens.  

I also started another parrot - same drawing, smaller format. I started by masking all the white feathers that were in direct sunlight. I wet the entire sheet, and loosely applied aureolin, quin. coral [a warmer version of the quinacridone pinks] and quin. sienna. 

I let it dry [no, I carefully used a hair-dryer, not feeling particularly patient], wet the entire sheet again, and applied thin washes of coral, sienna and ultramarine. I tried to encourage the blue to move more to the bottom, and ended up with two wubbles [another technical term] on the lower left.  

No problem! I dried it, re-wet it [using a firmer stroke than usual when applying water to loosen the areas of mistakes], and applied quin. coral and quin. sienna. It looks like that correction has almost completely eradicated the wubbles. Now I'll let it dry completely, and see what it's like when the masking is removed.

Thank you so much for dropping by!