Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I started this with a w/w wash of quin. gold, let it dry, and then did another variegated wash with quin. burnt orange and quin. violet. 

The shadows of the comb and wattles I did in a violet and orange mixture.

Then went over all with cadmium red.

I added all the details, and here she is.
I had never heard the word "cackleberry" till a few years ago, and it still makes me laugh!
The painting is nether framed nor mounted.
The framable size is 7.5 x 4.5 inches.

This is the other hen I have started - still a WIP. I found I needed something bright to work on, to alternate with all the darks of the cocker spaniel.

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Horse Woes

Bruno has these small bumps spread irregularly all over the large mass of his body. They are called "protein bumps". Actually they are collagen deposits, and usually associated with some allergic reaction.

They are on the area where the saddle rests, so I'm not riding till this clears up. In Bruno's case, I think there are several possible factors involved. For one, he is on the new hay. I am sure it has a higher level of protein, so I will have to buy a lower-protein pellet mixture for his feed. Also, he is getting his winter coat. Not only have I found horses to have more sensitive skin at this time of coat change, it is still quite warm, so he may be sweating more. Mustn't forget the bugs - the flies and mosquitoes are always a problem in the summer, and sometimes a horse will get a more severe reaction to bites.
I am not sure if a bath with some soothing soap would help much, other than relieve any itchiness, and he doesn't seem to be itchy. I might get some antihistamine, and dose him with that for a few days. I have put out a call to my trainer, and will try the vet later today. For now, His Imperial Chubbiness is enjoying a break.

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Krystie's Saga Continues ...

I am still playing with the darks ... 

 ... a violet-black for her face, left [in the painting] ear and body, and a blue-black for the right ear. I also did a thin black glaze over the eye in shadow. That felt a bit risky, but turned out well. More darkening to do yet, and then a background. The owner wants greens, so maybe some thin glazes suggesting stylized leaves.

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