Monday, March 5, 2012

They Don't Call It the WET COAST for Nothing ... or ... a Good Day to Paint

Bruno, waiting for his breakfast hay.

A corner of his shed, looking out onto paddock.

Himself, happily snarfing hay. He is completely dry and warm under his blanket.

The paddock/riding ring - no riding today ... maybe snorkeling?

One of the latest in my frog collection. I hang Fidel from the 2nd light over my work-space; there he functions as my muse.

Well, obviously NOT a day to ride, though I'd like to groom Bruno, and play a bit from the ground. I have one chicken sketch almost ready to be put on wc. paper, and an iris sketch I'd like to down-size and also get on paper. I'm sure they will both be done in WARM, SUNNY colors.