Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Yes, I'm a Proud Auntie ... or ... a Portrait in Progress

My nephew, my model. I half expect my niece and nephew to run when they see me coming with a camera.


Glaze of quin. burnt orange in the darkest shadows ...

... followed by a neutral grey of aureolin, pink and cobalt blue. I also started the eyes and lips.

Began the hair with two grey-browns - one with aureolin, alizarin crimson and cobalt blue, the darker with orange, violet and indanthrone. My tray on the right has the colors ]cobalt blue and alizarin crimson]I used to build up the face colors.

Added the blue to the shadow areas in a thin glaze and softened with a damp brush. I did the same with crimson for his cheeks, nose, chin and forehead.

Started to look human at this point :)

Once I finished his eyes and brows, I thought the portrait looked quite good [though not exactly like Julian].

This morning, I did a very thin wet wash with quin. violet and a bit of orange to warm it up. So far, so good ... I hope to get the black on there later today.

It was such a pleasure to paint something just because I felt like it [not a commission, not something for a class demo]. Also, it gave me some ideas on how to go about painting the dog portrait. I enjoyed playing with this portrait more than I done in months!!

Thank you for dropping by!!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

I Think a Change in Plans Is Due for the Fishing Boat ... or ... OOPS, Too Much Pink!

I left off here the last post.

Since then, I darkened the water several times with a dark blue mixture, and then unfortunately added some pink, too. It doesn't appeal to me.

I worked on this for a while this morning, adding the net, shadows and details. I'll put it aside and take another look, and maybe show it to Gary, too. My thought right now is to enlarge the ship, put it in a portrait format, and grey down the pink!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Nautical Painting ... the Basics Are Done

My drawing, with notes on format and direction of graded washes

The NAFCO - a seiner

A photo [taken by Clark Mishler] I found on the internet - loved the local mountains in the background, and the early morning soft colors.

Masked, with initial thin washes of aureolin and quin. rose.

Washes of a blue mixture - cobalt and phthalo blue.

Another wet-in-wet wash of pink ...

... and another of the blues.

Added the mountains with a mixture of indanthrone, aureolin and pink.

GONE! That huge blob of yellow masking was throwing off my eye as to color.

More dark blue washed onto the mountains on the right of the ship.

This is a gift for a friend - one of my sister's boyfriends. He is a manager at the Acura dealership in Langley. He very kindly found a car for me after the accident I had last October.  [My car was a write-off.] The car is a beauty, and was so reasonably priced. I know Gary likes realistic watercolor paintings, and my sister suggested I do one of his dad's fishing boat. I googled the ship's name and found some images, did some drawing, planned a color scheme, and here I am - about a third of the way through. I think the ship will be relatively easy- fussy, but easy.  It's the water that is going to take some thinking and planning.

That's it for now - thank you for dropping by!!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Narcissus: Emergence - a Step by Step Process ...

My model, growing in a patch by the riding ring.

My drawing [and value idea]

I masked out the flower, and applied a thin, graded wash of quin. gold, let it dry, then did a thin graded wash of phthalo blue.

Another, more intense wash of phthalo blue

The leaves done, using combinations of gold and blue. I didn't want them to overwhelm the painting, so they were done with thin washes.

I started the flower with w/w applications of aureolin in the trumpet and reflected onto some of the petals, and phthalo blue on the shadowed areas of the surrounding petals.  

I intensified the shadows on the petals so they were as close as I could get to the value of the surrounding sky. I wanted to create a lost-and-found look - have them seem to emerge from the paper. I added some shadows around the center of the trumpet with a pink/yellow/blue mixture, let it dry, then glazed with yellow and burnt orange to warm it up.

Some thin blue applied to the perimeter of the trumpet ...

... which you can see better in this close-up.

This is drawing of another narcissus I'd like to start soon. I'll paint this one with different techniques and colors.

Thank you so much for dropping by!!!